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Jim Boesel's GILDED TROUT are unlike any fish sculptures you've ever seen. Their bright gilded surface catches the light... and your eye, just like a live trout in nature darting through a stream. 

These are not the airbrushed fiberglass fish or taxidermist-mounted skins usually associated with realistic fish replicas. Each GILDED TROUT is carved and painted by hand and the brass fins are individually tooled and pinned in place.

You don't have to be a fisherman to appreciate these works of art and they won't be relegated to the man-cave or den, they will bring a flash of gold and a splash of color to any setting. 

PROFILES are one-sided fish with a flat back that can be wall mounted or mounted on a pedestal stand (approx. 16in. long). 

FULL SCULPTURAL FISH represent the extreme size and beauty of record-breaking trout (size varies). 

PORTRAITS - Fine Art Quality framed prints (sizes and frame styles vary).

All fish are signed and numbered. Each is unique and carved and painted exclusively by Jim.