About The Artist

Jim Boesel has been active in the Northwest Art and Craft community for 3 decades, primarily as a furnituremaker and antique restorer, but in 2008 he shifted his focus from Fine Furnituremaking to Fine Fishmaking.


“I’ve spent my entire life celebrating nature’s beauty. From the natural wavy edges of the beautifully figured walnut and maple furniture to the tilting head of a 4 ft. wide carved eagle on the transom of a sailboat, I’ve always sought to expose and illuminate the natural world. Now, armed with the skills and techniques garnered through decades as a craftsman, I’ve turned my attention to revealing the beauty and diversity of our native trout.”

Jim was born in Washington’s North Cascade Mountains, raised near Puget Sound, educated in the rolling hills of the Palouse and now resides where the Washougal and Columbia Rivers meet.
Here are a few highlights from Jim's 30 plus years as a craftsman.



Fine Arts major, Washington State University, Pullman, WA



Sole Proprietor, Jim Boesel Woodworking and Antique Restoration



Built large doors for Paul Marioni cast glass sculpture for WyEast Day Lodge at Timberline Lodge

1983 Featured in cover story, Furniture Making in the NW Fine Woodworking Magazine, No. 39
1983 Brass and cherry exotic bird cage Fine Woodworking Design Book Three
1987 Walnut dining table Contemporary Furniture Masterpieces. Gallery Fair, Menodocino, CA. Featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine No. 68


Editor of Fine Woodworking Magazine Taunton Press, Newtown, CT

1992 Maple burl bass guitar, featured on back cover of Guitarmaker Magazine No. 17
1994 Series of carvings for Legendary Yachts Washougal, WA. Transom eagle (4 foot wing span), trailboards, etc.
1996-1997 Worked with Jordan Schnitzer to design and build a dozen furniture pieces for synagogue at Rose Schnitzer Manor, Portland, OR


Adjunct Faculty, Wood Department Oregon College of Art and Craft Portland, OR

2011 Carved, gilded and painted trout. Real Mother Goose craft galleries, Portland, OR