Gilded Trout Profiles


PROFILES are made of 1 in. thick wood and are carved, textured, gilded and painted on one side only. The other side is painted black with the name and series number of the fish along with the date completed and Jim’s signature. They are approximately 16 in. long and the brass fins are inserted into slots in the body and held firm with brass pins.




Profiles can be:

  • Wall-mounted with or without a wood plaque
  • Mounted on a simple pedestal stand
  • Or mounted on a deluxe curved stand with a maple-veneered concave channel and walnut feet. The light colored maple channel reflects ambient light up onto the belly of the fish for more uniform lighting.


Profiles for wall-mount or simple pedestal stand are $750

Profiles on the deluxe curved stand are $800


Contact Jim to buy profiles or sculptures.


PHOTOGRAPIC PORTRAITS of all the Profile Sculptures are available as Fine Art Prints on metal or canvas.

Click here to see portraits and order!



Running Redbands - Special Price $1200 - 34" long
Brook Trout Brook Trout Spawning Male Coastal Cutthroat
Brook Trout Wall Mount Gila Trout Brown Trout
Golden Trout Greenback Cutthroat Mexican Golden Trout Female
Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat Mexican Golden Trout Male Yellowstone Cutthroat