Gilded Trout Sculptures

FULL-BODIED SCULPTURAL FISH are three-dimensional fish carved from basswood then textured, gilded and painted in the round.

The Monster series are sculptural fish representing the extreme size and beauty of record-breaking trout. They are approximately 24 in. long and 9 in. tall. Prices begin at $2500.


Special order sculptures begin at $3000 for a 24 in. trout.


Contact Jim to buy physical art.



SOLD!: This 22" rainbow was the first in the-round-trout that I completed. Notice how I used silver leaf on the main body

and gold leaf on the back, the peduncle and the top of the head. In the collection of David and Lyn Bishop.



$2500: I saw a Brookie this size on the cover of an outdoor magazine and couldn't resist having one of my own.
He's 24" long and his body is 5.5" high at it's thickest point. The copper and silver leaf on the cheek and jawline illustrates
how I paint with the gilding metals even before any colors are applied.


SOLD!: These three little guys (approximately 9 inches" long) were commissioned by a fellow in New England
who placed them under glass in a coffee table drawer as the centerpiece for displaying some old fly rods and reels.
Each is unique and freestanding.
If you look close you can see the edge of the darkly tinted glass ellipse that defines their "pond"
and gives just enough reflection to enhance the fish and suggest a watery reflection.